Simple Carols

Had a good chat with Andy Miers recently about Christmas carols. Its getting to that time of year where carols have to be organised. It's always a big deal and guitarists always freak out because they are handed a bunch of lead sheets that change chords 16 times in each phrase. It doesn't have to be this way!
Andy gave me this link that had a bunch of the most common carols already arranged into singable keys with chord charts for guitarists. A few chords have been taken out to make it a bit easier for guitarists.

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Andy M said... 5:57 PM  

Hey, good post Dan!
The trick then of course is also to make sure the pianist/keyboardist also plays from the chord chart, and not from the traditional 4 part choral, hymn style arrangement, otherwise you'll end up with a disconnect between the guitars and piano. Plus, don't let the piano play melody!! (I say this is a pianist who has only recently learnt not to do that!)

Andy M said... 5:58 PM  

P.S. Might also be worth telling readers that if you go to Youtube and search for "dan wilt simple carols" you'll get some great training videos by the guy who put together these arrangements and can show how they can be played - they sound so simple yet so good.

Dan said... 8:45 AM  

Yeah. See above for more details

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