The best book I've ever heard

I'm currently listening to 'The Religious Affections' by Jonathan Edwards. It's one of those books that I've never taken the time to read but knew that it would be worthwhile. This is why audiobooks are so cool! There is heaps to write about the book itself so I'll save that for another time but you should definately download it from here and have a listen. The dude doing the commentary has a silky voice (I can say that can't I?).

Posted byDan at 7:35 AM  


DJP said... 9:23 AM  

"The best book I've ever heard"

Have you heard many books?

Dan said... 9:26 AM  

this is my first. Hence the post

Dan said... 3:14 PM  

Sounds like you are a bit ahead of me. I'm only just finishing 2 of 12. Listening makes me keen to read it with my eyes though.

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