My afternoon

This is me after hearing I couldn't get my macbook this afternoon.

This is me after hearing I can get a brand new fandangled model that just got announced today. I just have to wait two weeks.

Posted byDan at 6:38 PM  


Nick said... 8:40 PM  

Poor Dan... :P

Macbook hardware and build = awe-inspiring

Software = significantly less so


Woody said... 9:37 PM  

Sorry to hear Dan. I was about to text you and ask how it was.
The same happen to me when I bought my ipod, the day it was to arrive I heard that morning on my way to work over the radio that the new ipod announced today could play video! - I waited another 2 weeks. It was worth the wait.
Patience Dan, Patience.

hayesy said... 10:37 PM  

Woody: Same story except they announced the Nano 3 days after I forked out for the mini!
Pft! :P

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