Crossing over to Mac

I'm buying a Macbook today. Very exciting. Dave said that you don't need to say you are crossing over to Mac because no one ever crosses the other way.

Posted byDan at 7:49 AM  


Ben said... 8:27 AM  

Dave Miers said that?

hayesy said... 8:52 AM  

Dad did (crossed the other way).

It would sound weird
if you just said "I'm crossing over"... like that TV show with John Edward.

Duke said... 9:46 AM  

With that logic do you mean to say, I am upgrading to a Mac?
This I agree with because I will be making a similar move in 3 weeks when my college exams are over (not good to have a new toy whilst trying to study)

Dan said... 10:48 AM  

Yeah I reckon I can get Dave to convert/upgrade. I'm sure Jonathon Edwards uses a Mac.

David said... 3:45 PM  

hey ben - you almost converted me years ago!!

i think macs are great.

money was the issue last computer...

i'll get back to you in a couple of years to try and sell it to me again!

Sam said... 11:01 AM  

i'm going back... don't want to though!

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