The religion of the Mac

I have been off the interwebs for a while. Mainly because I've been trying to get my head around my new computer. It's very exciting and white.

Apple has made it's way into my house and now I am really conscious of design lines in everything. If you go to the apple site and watch some of their tutorials you will soon see that even the apple people have a cool look. Everyone looks a bit like they are from some prosperous North American cult. Actually I think that is exactly where they are from.
The IT guy at my school is brilliant with computing stuff and a cool guy to chat to. As he was setting up my Mac to be used at school he told me about how simple it was to use and how compatible it was with everything and generally how fantastic macs were. I asked him then, why doesn't he have one. His answer was very perceptive. He said that in 'my job I have to see computers as a tool. PCs are great tools but Mac users act like their computer is their God.'
It's true! Apple have created such an image with so much propaganda that I have inadvertently come to believe that my computer can solve all my problems. How stupid of me to put so much trust in a piece of machinery and to forget to trust the God who made the minds who thought up the imperfect gadget in the first place. Much better to trust God and look to Jesus.
P.S - While you are webbing (my word) check out 'commuting with Christ'. A new blog for Christian commuters. It's been made by a good friend of mine Joel and he is awesome.

Posted byDan at 8:37 PM  


David said... 11:18 PM  

do they come with fries and a coke?

Ben said... 7:29 AM  

Wow, I love my Mac, but I've never heard anyone accuse me of pagan worship before.

Nick said... 11:08 AM  

Yeah, Macs are pretty, but really, they don't do all that much that anything else can't do as well.

I woud only ever consider buying a notebook. Never an iMac

alixandrrraaa said... 9:38 PM  

ummm mac's are grand and way better than pc's.

and i beg to differ they do many a thing that the old pc can not.

and the things they can do the same the do AMAZINGLY BETTER.

That is all

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