What's the big difference?

Just read through the notes of a presentation Bob Kauflin gave at the Christian Musician Summit on 'Does God even like our music?'

I was helpfully reminded of the big difference between Christian music and Secular music and why they will always be different. Secular music is created ultimately to serve the needs of the secular artist. Although there may be a desire for people to get enjoyment and pleasure from listening to the music, this is ultimately so that the artist will feel good, get money or gain fame. 
Christian music is created for serving others and ultimately to be an artifact of worship to Jesus. The Christian musician desires Christ's fame above all other things.
This means that Christian and Secular music will always have differences. While the White Stripes (for eg.) may rock, their music has a flavour of arrogant pride about it that you would not want to see in a Christian music maker. What other stylistic differences should be expected do you think? 

Posted byDan at 2:24 PM  


jpj said... 3:16 PM  

Good question dan.
At the Blackstump Music Festival I saw many Christian bands trying to be as secular as possible while still trying to maintain their Christian label.

It got me thinking about the Christian music genre and how challenging it is to articulate, especially stylistically.

Will repost if I receive any gold insights. jpj

Dan said... 3:36 PM  

I agree Joel. For years I have thought the trick is to sound just like the world but with Jesus attached. I'm beginning to wonder whether a servant hearted musician will sound different after all.

jpj said... 3:47 PM  


So are you saying that the lyrical message doesn't need to be different,
but the attitude only?


Dan said... 4:03 PM  

Lyrical will definately be different. Maybe I misworded my last comment. I'm just asking whether attitude changes sound.

jpj said... 4:20 PM  

Yeah cool I thought you meant that. Just wanted to clarify.

I've often thought about attitude expressing itself in the music itself.

I think Nirvana is a prime example where rebellion and hurt screams out before the first verse.

So does this mean that certain musical styles are beyond redemption?
Not sure... i think death metal is!

Walked into a tent at Blackstump and saw a metal band's stage act where the lead singer was screaming while he poured blood over his head...what the!?!

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